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MadisonVitaminD Team Only.

Hello MadisonVitaminD Team!

A mission began in September of 1997 as my wife Robin and I opened East Wash Laundry and Tanning with her father Yogi.

Our team at that time was the 3 of us. Yogi’s vision is to provide a wonderful laundry experience.

The looking good and feeling good part is where tanning and VitaminD vision came in.

Robin and I had a vision of helping people look good and feel good as a part of having clean clothes. We always have provided more than just a great look.

In 2001 Robin and I took Madison Tanning Company on our own.

Tens of thousands of clients later along with hundreds of team members have made this vision a reality.

Our passion has always been to serve people by making them look good and feel good while bronzing in moderation. Providing VitaminD and self worth has been an amazing benefit.

Since 1997, no two days have ever been the same and that is just the way we love it.

As we close out 2009 and move into 2010 the zooming continues.

Our leadership team is strong and includes many of you. Tami, Becky & Sarah are serving you daily to help you make your clients day with giving you the tools you need while you’re serving your fans. These three ladies share a deep passion for MadisonVitaminD. Like an amazing set of parents, they are all about making the day of our fans and our tribe.

Tami, Becky & Sarah allow me freedom to work on our business model. While I will always be available to you, the time is now for Tami, Becky & Sarah to expand their roles.

Tami is our COO (Chief Operating Officer). She does what she & Sarah have been doing thus far! She is your main point person for all thing operations. Tami would love to pour her workday into your life to help develop all the skills you need to be a part or full time leader of MadisonVitaminD.

Tami’s leadership over the years gives her a mind reading ability of where we need to go next. Tami has the passion, patience, skill level and experience of the best leaders.

Becky serves in the CFO role (Chief Financial Officer). Becky makes sure the bills get paid and that we have a name for every dollar before the month begins. Then she makes sure this envelope budget system is maintained day by day.

Sarah is our Chief Executive Officer and Acting Owner. Sarah will be doing everything you have seen me do over the years …only better.

9 years inside our team along with a skill set that continues to blow my mind shows me that Sarah is ready to be part of the ownership of your company.

What are the exact & immediate zooms you’re going to see?

I believe you’ll hear and see more of:

“…Wonderful …what was Sarah’s thought process when you and she discussed heading in that direction?”

You will get … “What did Becky say about that expense when you asked her about spending money on that?”

And of course … “I am sure Tami would have insights on that idea. Would you contact Tami asap on that question?”

After you have discussed you thoughts, ideas, or questions with Tami, Becky & Sarah please feel free to contact me with any ideas or issues you feel might not be getting heard.

Tami, Becky & Sarah are wonderful leaders with great strength. We’re all people and need others to help at times.

Robin and I appreciate each time you’re making the day of your fans. You’re doing more than helping people look good and feel good on the outside. You’re part of this tribe because we believe in you to make your clients day and let people feel great on the inside as well …where it truly matters.

Contact me via any method you are comfortable with:

Dale Suslick 608-575-5511

Snail Mail: PO Box #8864 Madison, WI 53708

Twitter: @77dale


4 Responses to “MadisonVitaminD Team Only.”

  1. aww this is soo cool! love mtc!

  2. Wow, we are zooming : )

  3. Thank you for staying connected with us =)

  4. Love this…never been much of a blog reader but this really made me smile 🙂

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