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Say No to the Good and Yes to the Great.

Many have said it. Tough to do.

Time bankruptcy is the largest single issue facing America today.

While I know being broke with your $$$$ is a huge issue, the undercurrent of any issue is lack of time.

You can see this in Congress with both sides spending us into a nightmare. Each politician is spending so much time getting re-elected that they fail to see the damage they are doing.

Lack of focus.

Lack of attention.

Lack of time on the important matters of life.

I even know this and I feel the pull everyday to add good things to my schedule. I fail every day.

Making a list of where you want to be in a year is a good start. Then add in your daily little actions that will get you there. Do those A1 items 1st.

The B and C items will fall off the list like magic.

How do you focus on the great and let go of the good?


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