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Sarah’s Guest Blog Post …Yippie!

We welcome a guest blogger today.

We welcome a guest blogger today.


Looking for a job, you should do some prep and get some help.

I am shocked by how many people come into interviews or respond to our interview questions not really having a clue what we are all about.  Really, you are here to show us your ‘stuff’ and you don’t know what your basic duties would be if you got hired?  Let me help you out.


Yes, finding a new job is pretty much a job in its self (if you are doing it right). 



  • Interact with the company wherever you can.  Are they on Facebook or Twitter?  Can you support events they are a part of in the community?  Talk with friends and family and see if they know someone that works there.  This is known as networking.


  • Find out what their hot topics are.  If you aren’t on the same page with a major initiative, then you shouldn’t apply.


  • Role-play an interview.  Don’t use typical or ‘stock’ responses.  Have answers ready that use personal examples from past actual experiences.  Even if your only past job experiences are chores and babysitting, that still qualifies.  If you can’t come up with past actual experiences, think about a time where you might have seen this happen to someone else.


  • If you apply after having made contact with the company and they trust you or are comfortable with you the interview won’t even seem like an interview.  It will seem like a conversation with your friend.


If you can only do one or two of these things, then that is ok.  It’s a great start!  -Sarah Mette


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  1. Love it!

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