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Daniel Tardy: License To Sell

DanielTardy1I am working on a whole new blog today.

Any suggestions on the title?

Maybe …

“Dave Ramsey’s UNOFFICAL EntreLeadership 1on1 Coaching Blog”.

NOT sanctioned in anyway by Dave.

…in fact, keep this blog quiet. 

If we’re not careful, Dave will stop in and tell us to “Shut _up!”

Our Shared Vision: 

Let Dave Ramsey know how he could give HOPE.

How we, the small business owners.

The backbone of American, need his help.

Until I get this launched, here is a excellent source of business, personal development and serving information.

Check out the above link to see what Daniel Tardy has to say.

What Daniel is passionate about: Small business success & professional selling.

Why Daniel writes: To challenge myself to communicate more effectively, organize my thoughts & offer ideas that benefit business owners and professional sales people.

Why ‘Elephant Hunters’: I love landing big deals & learning from other seasoned ‘hunters’ who know how to bring home a big kill.


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