Suslick Step's
You're going to kill it today. High five!

Filter It. time with family and bonding like only a family trip will do for you was the best part of our Nashville trip this past week.

#2 was meeting Rick Perry from the Lampo Group.  Rick shared insights with me that just made my day.

He came up with a filter for me to run my ideas through …I tend to have a boat load of ideas to work though daily as a High D and High I.

“Thought filter” Rick suggested I run:

Will it be fun, for you and us?

Is there competition and what are they doing?

Does it compliment our mission?

Is it simple enough to write down and clearly explain the idea to someone that has never heard of it on a napkin?

Will it educate/empower?

Do the math, i.e. best case/worst case scenario …What would be your exit strategy if it doesn’t work?

What are the resources required?

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