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Telling People They are Stupid.


Oh my goodness. I believe I have been calling people stupid. How dumb am I?


I heard Garrison Wynn speak over the weekend. Almost halfway through his new book, “The Real Truth Behind Success …What the top 1% do differently, why they won’t tell you, and how you can do it anyway!”

Besides finding these fun photos of Garrison, thanks Ginger, and now setting myself up to be labeled a stalker, I have gained some insights.

When people tell me their problem, and I can solve their problem in 7 seconds in my head, this does not mean that I am actually helping by telling them I have the answer in 7 seconds.

I need to agree there is a problem and help them see the solution.  In reality, people are smart, and they have the answer already.

If I act like there is no problem, I am calling them stupid.

People are not stupid.

People are wonderful with billions of different personalities and ways of interacting and everyone knows something I do not know.

Sorry about this people. I am working on this. Have a wonderful week!!!

3 Responses to “Telling People They are Stupid.”

  1. Thanks for the great comments and thoughtful insights! And your are welcome 🙂

  2. This sounds like a great book: The Real Truth Behind Success. I bet it’s active listening and surprising people by letting them know when they are listened to.

    • Garrison writes a good book. Let me know when you can take Robin to lunch … remember, I will buy the lunch to get you two together. I believe you two would be a great match for impacting people in a positive way!!!

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