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Here’s how I Currently Understand the Answer to Why…

Why do bad things happen to good people or is the proper question why does a good and loving God allow good things to happen to His imperfect children that He loves unconditionally?

Punishment for evil is not a reason. That reason has not been, nor will it ever be again for those who ask for grace. For over 2000 years grace has been granted to all that ask.

Based on my life experiences thus far, one of the other 3 reasons that do remain since that day on Calvary go like this …

The man born blind from birth can suddenly see. Why? To show God’s glory.

How does this apply in my life is when I make a mess of my life and there is no way out, and after a while, with faith, everything is great again, this again shows glory. Not to me.

My messes are beyond my ability to solve.

This normally takes a little time. Life is not a Hollywood movie or a lightning bolt moment. For sure, those happen although it’s the exception, not the rule.

Too much TV will leave you critical, negative, discontented and looking for that movie magic in your life.

Turn on a book or a positive mp3 or get outside and experience the wonder of the earth.


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