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Sing Together in Perfect Harmony …(Sing it to Ebony and Ivory, Right!?).

How do you harmonize …I must try to harmonize better.

In all areas of my life … I tend to disagree initially.

How do you do it? Harmonize that is.

You’re listening to your customer (hopefully taking notes) and don’t agree with his comments. You should immediately:

A. Ignore the comments initially, and continue with your conversation.

B. Try to understand his point of view, and repeat it to him for clarification.

C. Find out why he feels this way, and ask if it is what he actually meant.

D. Tell him you do not agree with his opinion, and ask him to change it.

The Wisdom Behind The answer…

When you don’t agree, rather than argue, you must try to harmonize. Finding out why the customer is in disagreement with you, is the key to harmonizing. Then and only then can you determine who is correct (without arguing). Understanding and repeating may be part of the process, but will not lead to harmony – and may be a negative, since it leads no-place. Disagreeing will lead to a lost sale. And ignoring is the root word of ignorant. Typical sales manipulation is to ignore — and it doesn’t work anymore. Any disagreement — whether in a sales presentation, a customer relationship, a friendship, or even in a marriage — has with it a goal to end in harmony. Make that your goal.

–JEFFREY GITOMER, excerpted from The Little Red Book of Sales Answers

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