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Taking it Moment by Moment.

Life is tough.

Life is like a box of chocolates.

Ever hear of the old “falcon keep the pigeon off the roof trick?”

Turns out pigeons are a lot like me.

If you record the sound of a swooping falcon dive bombing a roof for a pigeon feast you can keep pigeon poop off your roof.

The recorded sound of a attacking falcon and the ensuing struggle (sorry PETA) and the cry of a pigeon is enough to keep those pigeons and the droppings off your roof.

The trouble is, that is you play the sound every 4 minutes, the pigeons are not smart enough to stay off the roof, it’s against their nature, to remember the lesson.

Yep, you have to play the falcon sound every two minutes to keep the poop off your roof.

Now I understand why I have to read every day.

Why I need to listen to a positive radio station or MP3 download every day.

Why I need to be renewed each day and every time some poop drops on my head.

It’s our human nature. Designed and implanted before we were ever conceived.

The choice is yours, will you go through life becoming cynical and critical or will you strive to grow, staying passionate about growing personally and professionally?


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