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Saying Goodbye.

1 A Team

I had the pleasure of having Danielle Swenson on our team for several years.

When Danielle joined our team she was a fine person and did excellent as a VitaminD Consultant, helping make people’s day every day.

We asked her to help make people feel good and look good. She provided so much more than a superficial effect on people.

Danielle lifted the spirits of clients and team members alike …everyday. Day in and day out.

Very rare indeed. A true combination of all the good of generation Y with a old school work ethic.

Danielle created systems and processes that led to great successes for our company.

Danielle became one of our best leaders in all my 25 years in business.

Danielle is a fine team member who we would be happy to have still with our team moving forward for many years.

We valued Danielle’s flexibility with her schedule and hours. Danielle never missed work.

Danielle is team player, skilled, dependable, reliable, punctual, high tolerance for working when not feeling well, speedy, respectful, positive attitude and openness to all the zany ideas we used in our business.

Danielle is a eagle that has a track record of success. The skills she had when she came to us in addition to the many things we asked her to learn while with us will serve her well while she is on your team.

Thank her if you see her.


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