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Should you go? Understatement would be answering yes.

We have had a year to implement the concepts from the one day event, the Cancun Master Series as well as sending our 14 key leaders to Total Money Makeover LIVE and EnterLeadership One Day.

As each leader has gone through E1D we have been able to, looking back now, dramatically makes changes in how we operate and run our finances.

#1 was the lesson on Team Math and building a team of “team members” instead of employees …employees come late, leave early and steal while they are here …we no longer have employees thanks to the lesson of Team Math.

We do have a awesome team of D Angels from the leaders of the tribe understanding that a proper team is built through 12 steps (maybe we have more than 12) of selecting the right team member.

Then was communication. Striving to communicate according to E1D lessons has led to better than ever communication. This is huge as we have 8 locations and 50 team members …very tough to communicate with how spread out our locations ours. Not so hard anymore.

Good communication led to rock solid improvements in teamwork. Learning how to hold the team accountable properly as well as serving the team improves the teamwork to where we see 90%+ of our team is working together. That is up from up 25%.

The other 10%? Well, we also learned how to properly terminate a team member with dignity and respect when it was clear they were a good person, the right person, in the wrong job or wrong company culture.

Money. This lesson should have been 1st in our business owner career although coming last is better than never for us. E1D has helped profits, I feel we may not have made it through the rough economy without the lessons I learned from E1D at the financial lesson.

E1D has the team now understanding and working together …understanding more and more that if the “envelopes” are empty in the business, we don’t spend in that area.

The team is “getting” that we retain some of our earnings in addition to sharing profits when we have good months OR work together as a team to control costs and come up with new ways of doing things.

Understanding that every dollar has a name in advance of each month.

A large part of the profits being solid is from the goal setting lessons and delegation (no more monkeys frees up our key team members to focus on A1 business items …working on the business. Instead of in it as much as we can).

Revenues would be a opportunity …E1D touches on great concepts such as Raving Fan Building (formally known as marketing). Raving Fan Building was not a focus of ours when we went through E1D.

Feel free to add a special E1D opportunity just on Raving Fan Building.

If a company was coming into E1D needing Raving Fan Building, I believe the Team Math, Delegation, goal setting, communication and the financial lesson would all hit home with those businesses …we came looking more for operational and financial wisdom.

Each lesson at that time seemed to show me the vision I needed to take the next step in for both operations and finances.

By bringing the key team members to E1D, that allowed us to consistently build upon each step we needed to take to make the dramatic improvement we now have a year later.

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