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dave646 people.
Total Money Makeover LIVE was held Saturday, September 19th from noon-5pm. and Dave Ramsey teaches timeless principles on how to take control of your money (and your life for that matter).

One person came up from South Beloit IL and another couple from Watertown. Yes, Dave is that good.

The rest of the people were local.

The bad: No, almost zero, time to promo the event led to a event that could have had a larger impact. A event that could have truly impacted people “if only” I had more time to share.

GREAT: There were many young people in the crowd. 85% were under 25 years young.

How would you like to get a 2nd chance to do the right thing with your money? Be debt free at 35?

These “kids” have this chance now.

People had a glimpse that maybe they can be counter-society and that what God and Grandma has always told us is a option (i.e. common sense).

Dave provides a simple (yet not-so-easy) answer to the lack of financial margins and heavy debt levels of our generation, a major issue in today’s society that was not around 50 years ago.

These 46 people now have taken the 1st step in a process that can truly change their family tree.


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