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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Blessings from Heaven. was hit this weekend with how awesome it is to be blessed with our children. I also remembered that I am taking the 4 to get flu shots today.

That led me to think thet truly, I get it, yet I don’t get how people can stop with 2 children these days!

Here’s one side benefit that always makes me laugh.

I LOVE having to type or speak out all 4 (soon to be 5) children’s names for things.

What a blessing #1.

2nd, I always laugh when I have to do register the family.

Things like our insurance forms, Monona pool sign up, doctor appointments, tax forms, family field trips, etc ..

I literally have to block off a day part of time to enter in all the children’s names and information!!!

Blessing from heaven for sure.

In my youth, I knew families that had 18, 16 and 12 children.

Now I know why they had so many.

I bet those truly large families would laugh and gladly share what were missing for stopping at 5.


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