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Negative Ninnies and Who Exactly are You Worried About Offending?

Part of truly being yourself and creating something special is getting attacked and dealing ignoring critical negative ninnies.

The issue with being on the edge and different is you cannot tailor your approaches to NOT offend.

If you’re NOT offending anyone, YOUR BORING!!!

That’s the whole point of Seth, Chris Brogan, Duct Tape Marketing and many companies, politicians and non-profits that are having a impact.

What they believe, and I do too, is that your searching for a raving tribe of a small number. Say 100 people.

If you offend 10,000 people but have 100 RAVING FANS, the raving fans will infect and grow a tribe of their own who were not part of the 10,000 people that don’t “get” you (yet).

The new 100 raving fans will each have a tribe of 10,000. In time.

Those 100,000 will then change the minds of the 10,000 people you offended.

Expect for pockets of people who hate ‘ya. Ignore those. Love yet ignore.

They hate us because they are negative ninnies anyways. Or don’t getcha ‘ya. Or don’t need you.

The truth, I believe, is too many good people, the vast majority, are too distracted or too busy to pay attention to much else than what is themselves or the issues they are facing that moment. No time margins are bad. BROKE in regards to time. Time poor.

OVERSPENT. The USA offers “Not just for budgets anymore”.

The problem most large companies and I would say with the good ‘ol USA is everyone is AFRAID to offend ANYONE (more on why at a later time).

By being afraid to offend that one person, your making, like, ZERO impact.

Mix in a little common sense with the ability to make some non-fatal mistakes, and you’ll be just fine.

Does that make sense? …this is simple yet MENTALLITY VERY HARD.

I find it like a outer body experience. It goes against my very nature. Shakes my core …rattles my soul.

That’s why almost no one does it.

Sometimes no one does it because the idea is just plain stupid.

Sometimes, if it was easy. Everyone would do it.

Great new!!! You decide. It’s American, where your free to fail. <– That might be changing so enjoy it while it lasts.

“Close out sale “Failure”. Learn from your mistakes while congress still lets you!!!”

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