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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Cake or Candles …Failure. you believe money is cake or candles? With cake, the more you take the less people get.

With candles, when you light your candles, you cast light upon others or light up a whole room while your candles are lit.

Great book …Thou Shall Prosper by Daniel Lapin. Average reader review 4.5 stars

Lighting candles without restraint is anarchy. Lack of moral restraint and too much regulatory restraint will destroy a nation.

Lighting candles (Capitalism) need to stand on 3 legs with one of those being morals and values.

The candle lighters (people) should have pain. People need to be grown-ups and learn that life is not fair. Dave Ramsey correctly said in Town Hall for Hope that you need to love people enough to allow them to fail.

A true free market allows failure.

Failure is good.

Failure is instructive.

Failure brings clarity…. If failure is chasing you, it will run you to excellence…. We have to allow failure again in the USA.

We need to go back to taking personal responsibility. You need to clean up your own mess. If you are unable to find a good wage job you need to re-invent yourself.

I know this from the school of hard knocks …I know from experience.

It was a major ouch yet effective.

Get out there and light some candles.


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