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Tending Your Garden

TendingYourGardenMy wife is reading a fantastic book,
Tending Your Garden by Denise Sproul
<–The review.

Order the book now: here. Or here at half price!

Part of the fun of raising your children is what the culture, your neighbors, relatives and society tells you to do to raise your children.

Then, there’s what you should be doing.

We are told to get a good education, get a good job and then you’ll all be financially set and happy.
How is that going for you?

When my wife 1st mentioned homeschooling, and I am not suggesting you homeschool, that’s a personal choice, yet when my wife mentioned homeschooling 3 years ago my 1st reaction was not spoken at the time.

I was thinking, ok, well, every homeschooling family I have met is crazy with a capital K!!! Weird, with really odd kids, no friends, no sports and not too bright.

What I found out is many families choose to homeschool and like there are crazy political leaders, crazy McDonalds employees and crazy co-workers, that homeschoolers are just people.

You encounter crazy people in every walk of life. Most homeschoolers are normal. Homeschooling gives you the time with your children to give them your values (another topic will be do you believe in right and wrong?).

Today parents will tell me that they could never have an abortion. They could never give up their child for adoption.

What parents will do is bring their children to daycare at 6 months old. OR to enter a public or private school at age 5. Whoops. Never mind. School now starts at 4 years old.

Our children then spend 50% or more of their waking hours being raised by someone other than us. More if you factor in media and friends.

We spend an hour or two with our children at night. Maybe. Some weekend and vacation time as well.

What message does that send?

Whose values are being placed into your children? 8 hours for each of your 1 or 2 hours of likely distracted attention.

Whose values are going to win?

Will the Government values win or yours?

If you read Denise’s book, you will be challenged. The zooming needed to gain time and finance margins needed to accomplish raising our children is an ongoing zoom. For us, this did not happen overnight and will continue to be a habit we build upon.

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