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Control your time. OR do you want time to control you?

Productivity theme continues.

How are you doing on emails? IS email running your life or do you run your life?

Consider going to a 2 email system.

Only select a few people to know your 2nd email and it’s only for urgent items. 911. Life or death. I mean really. Truly. Urgent only.

The urgent one is the only one that goes to your Blackberry or other item that your well connected to.

The other non urgent email is for your once daily email check …

-also, try phone tag for your voice mail.

-and I know how to turn off that LED light on your Blackberry.

You can set the light to blink only for text messages, or any other message type service you have.

Crazy stuff like this is how you control time. And you are not controlled by time : )!!!

Ps …if your time poor friends are telling you your not considerate, silly, stupid or any other criticism (after a moment to reflect on what they said to see if it applies to YOU) then your right on track.


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