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That blinking red light.

Turn it off.

I recently turned off the blinking red light on my 8330e Blackberry Curve.

Freedom. Peace.

Who knew that focused attention causes an increase in productivity?

How can it be when you do less, you do more?

When you check your media on your own time instead of when your email, Facebook, voicemail, etc … blinks at you, you gain control back into your life to do what matters.

Highlight profiles. Click.

Scroll down to advanced. Click.

You can control your settings, and that blinking LED red light on each of your settings like loud, vibrate, etc …or make a custom setting.

Click the menu button …the one with the 7 dashes on it.

Click edit or new profile or new exception.

Now, you can go through each application on your phone and turn off the LED light, or the tone, or the vibration …whatever works for you.

For example, I turned off all notifications except my SMS text messages. When I get a text, my phone will blink the red light and vibrate 3 times.

Now, I am educating my family and team how to contact me quickest if they actually need me. See my last post for the “Art of Letting Bad Things Happen”.
I believe the trap most of us fall into, at least I did, is thinking that a once in a million 911 situation was worth making sure I was available 365/24/7.

What this did was rob my attention away from my wife, my children, my business and my team.

Part of this is faith that your team is smarter than you give them credit for …people will make good choices when faced in a crisis.

What about a burning building or a 911? Well, I do believe that that’s what 911 is for. Let the police and fire department take care of the true emergencies.

Take back your life.

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