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We all have fear.

Fear is a good thing. Fear helps us avoid dating a boy that is out for all the wrong reasons. Fear helps us keep an eye on our children when they cross a busy street. Fear keeps us waking up on time for work everyday so we have work tomorrow! Fear keeps us from walking home alone at night and pepper spray in our hand as we walk to our car in a lonely parking lot.

When Dave Ramsey welcomed a special guest … Max Lucado, author of the new book Fearless. They talked about how a spirit of “not helpful” fear seems to be all over, and how fear is an option, but not a requirement.

Dave’s comments are insightful “The good news is that there is an antidote to fear! I recommend Fearless to anyone who is tired of the doom and gloom and ready to step out of fear once and for all.”

This ties into what I know to be know as “The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen”.

I don’t always agree with Tim Ferriss, yet take the time to read this …

Once you realize that you can turn off the noise without the world ending, you’re liberated in a way that few people ever know.

Just remember: if you don’t have attention, you don’t have time. Did I have time to check e-mail and voicemail? Sure. It might take 10 minutes. Did I have the attention to risk fishing for crises in those 10 minutes? Not at all.

As tempting as it is to “just check e-mail for one minute,” I didn’t do it. I know from experience that any problem found in the inbox will linger on the brain for hours or days after you shut-down the computer, rendering “free time” useless with preoccupation. It’s the worst of states, where you experience neither relaxation nor productivity. Be focused on work or focused on something else, never in-between.

Time without attention is worthless, so value attention over time.

Would you agree or disagree with Tim?

What would happen if you wrote down for a week all the bad things you thought might happen, all your worries and fears?

Review that list a week later. What stands out as a real issue that you should address?


2 Responses to “Fearless”

  1. Im getting there. Thinking I have to check email first thing, and always throughout my day will just burn you out while putting out fires you really should not put out. Let other’s put them out! Their capable.
    Made a list…

  2. Right on! It is especially easier to do this when you know your leader is on the same page. Yes we are going to train to have things taken care of and to also arm our team with the know-how. But really, what else could come up that could be more important than what I am focused on right now & giving my undivided attention, whether that be a trainee team member, or another leader, or my husband, or Emme.
    It’s tough to switch it around though after you have been used to seeing that red light blinking at you. But knowing what I am doing is best for me and everybody around me, makes that easier. BTW Kyle says thanks too! 🙂

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