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Poor vision is why your taxes are going to go up this year.

Why are my taxes going up this year? This is not limited to Dane County’s budget woes or any one political party. Despite many, many, many fine public serverts, your going to have less money because of taxes. And soon.

I am all in favor of great parks and land. Without them, where would my wife and 5 children go for fun family times?

We need services for those truly in need. And we need to step up as people to free time in our lives to help as well.

That said, this huge Dane County Budget shortfall is one of the reasons I always voted opposed to land buys during my brief stay on the Dane County Board.

I may be mistaken, if you know me, its well know I often make mistakes in judgment.

For us to be using tax payer money, to go deeply in debt, to buy stuff that now could be bought at half the price in some cases, is irresponsible.

Would the amount of money we pay in interest over the course of several years alone be used to fund the short fall?

We must have a vision in the future of not buying things we can not afford.

How many of us believe that paying for the vast majority of things on payments is in the tax payer best interest?

I feel terrible when services to truly needy people are short changed because of this broke mentality of using debt.

Should the question be how much down and what are the payments or is the proper question what is the cost if we just paid for things by saving in advance?

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