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Get ready to take control of your money. While you get paid.

“Fire up!!! Get ready to take control of your money and create either personal freedom or wealth. While you get paid. All three are possible.

Total Money Makeover Live is September 19th

Robin, I and the company are proud to be able to provide this paid Raving D Angel education to you (if your part of our team).
The lessons you will learn will be something to use for a lifetime.

If your not part of our team …

The event does have extra seating for you. <–Click here.

You only need to show-up. Then you alone can choose, or not choose, to add baby steps to your life.

The Lampo Group, Dave Ramsey’s official company name, has a mission
To empower and give HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.

Take what you can learn and leave the rest.

Dave’s teaching is biblically based. Dave will share at times how his faith and God has impacted his life and business.

Call it what you will, Robin and I have a spiritual or some say a faith journey we are on, and as owners of a company have a legal right to incorporate our beliefs into how we operate our company. We do NOT have any legal, moral or ethical right to force our beliefs upon any of our team members.

Robin and I respect this. The event is about you learning how to win with money. We are blessed with a amazing family and team of many different backgrounds and beliefs. Thank you for this.

If you’re doing well with money. If you’re doing poorly with money. You will learn something new.

The choices are a journey Robin and I are on. It applies to all of us.

I have discovered as my life has progressed, is that most of us spend up to the level we earn.

The bad news is that no matter if you make $10,000 a year. Or is you make over 6 figures. Most of us spend all we make. And more.

Robin and I were no exception to this painful generally true fact of life.

Come to Total Money Makeover Live with a mindset to learn how we operate our business financially. This is what TMMO is. A financial class. It’s just not a boring one. You will leave energized about your financial future.


3 Responses to “Get ready to take control of your money. While you get paid.”

  1. I’m looking forward to this! Thanks for sharing with me!

  2. Can’t wait to attend, it will be a great event : )

  3. See ya there!

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