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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Words that work. Words are powerful.

We have rescently discovered that the words you use say EVERYTHING about you. And our company. And our family.

Who knew!? Did I miss this class in high school and college. Amazing.

What other words do you think we could change to make their day?

Blog : Intimate Client + Friend Conversations

Salon : Spa

Store : Spa

Employee : D Angel

Staff : D Angels

Tan : Vitamin D

Marketing : Raving Tribe Building

Manager Meeting : D Angel Leader Tribe Building Gathering Manager

D Angel Leader Tanning Consultant

D Angel Spray Tan : Faux D

Advertising : Raving Tribe Message

Leader of the D Angels

Measure of D service we give clients : Profit

Measure of D service we give our clients : sales

Morgyn Ray actually gave me that book above. Was that a hint?

(Thank you Morgyn!)

…read it about a year ago. Impactful even today as we go through learning this …I like to take 200 trys to learn something …not the fast or best way to learn. Good thing the heavens blessed me with the ability to keep banging my head vs. the wall until I get it right!

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