Suslick Step's
You're going to kill it today. High five!

Oh what fun it is to run some spas each and every day, hey! (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells).

I sense, I hope my “feeling” is right, that for the vast majority of the team, were all having more fun and fulfillment than ever before.

***Regardless of the amount of money we make, the passion seeds from the team alone is a HUGE accomplishment which as you know, I truly could not have done without you.

This has been about 3 years so far of work to get this vision closer to reality …

The vision is really not to be the best “D Angel Spa”, nor the most upscale, nor the biggest.

What I see taking shape is truly the vision of a profitable tribe that just so happens to operate 7 “D Angel Spas” with a laundromat.

In addition were starting to brainstorm in new ways to serve people in the future.

In the end, we’ll find ourselves as the best. Its just a counter-MBA business school degree way of reaching that goal.

I will continue to need your help and support going forward.

To truly take the small seeds of passion and vision I see developing to all 50+ team members we need to continue to do what’s working.

And also, seek and destroy old ways that are not working.

With all 50+ team members having a life outside of our tribe it will take effort and many, many, many mistakes to discover all the right moves.

Just take a moment to think how cool and fun this will be as we go forward!!!

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