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Oh my gosh, make some mistakes, will you?!


Motivation today comes from reading a excellent book on leadership and today’s paradigm shift in marketing. Seth’s “Tribes”.

Were in agreement that non-fatal mistakes, stumbles, errors and stubbing your toe bring you success.

How many mistakes have you made this past week …have you lost count yet? I hope so.

Especially if your in my family or on our team.

Tear it up …I hope your getting frustrated with all your mistakes and all you needed was to read this to feel better about how, now in retrospective, your week really was.

“The secret to being wrong isn’t to avoid to being wrong!”

Be willing to be wrong.

Wrong is not fatal.

Great is willing to be wrong, often, along the way.

Do what you believe in. Go there.

Sometimes I wish and pray I could learn without making all these darn mistakes …then I realize how truly blessed I am.

Someone thinks enough of me to allow me to burn through mistakes at what seems to be a blinding speed of light.

I honestly feel like I have made 80 years of mistakes in my life now that I am almost 41 years old.

Its been pure joy looking back on this honor.


One Response to “Oh my gosh, make some mistakes, will you?!”

  1. This is a tough idea to comprehend to someone that is a high C. Makes me shake just thinking about it…. I hear you though! Tough thing is to actually push towards that!

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