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Hours in perspective …a day, maybe two, of rest increases your ability to serve?

Extremes. Intensity. Passion. Energy.

“We seem to have developed two opposing perspectives in business today”. Larry Burkett’s book “Business by the Book” has laid the foundation for the EntreLeadership principals that are shaping our company as we begin to ride the next wave of success in America.

“Team members think that anything beyond 40 hours should be a bonus (overtime), and owners think that anything less than 80 hours is being lazy. Both sides have adopted extremes”.

The balance I believe that we need to strike is that we need to be focused during our work day. That’s where we need the extreme focus, passion, energy, Gung Ho and No Complaining positive energy.

When we, our team and I, focus on our A1 Steak Sauce items during our work day, we won’t have to worry about working outside our preferred hours. We need to be detailed & make sure the team is ready for us to go home.

D, C and even B or A items may just have to be ignored and left undone in order to make sure the A1 part of the 4 Key Result Areas are met.

Make their day! No smudges, EVER. You’re the Vice President of Marketing. Know your budget.

Shocking! Leave a to do list undone? And not feel guilty. That is weird.

For sure, during times when we are trying to achieve great things or hit a challenging goal, some extra effort is involved. Persistence & effort is required to succeed. The get rich mentality of the masses will never win out long term.

That said, should we be laser focused at work and allow our hearts, minds, body and soul to be refreshed during our times of play?

That could be our fastest path to success. What do you think?

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