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Gung Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was reading a great book that the Ruby rouser pick-ed up last month.

It’s called “Gung Ho”.

What a timely impact Gung Ho is making on Robin & I.

…Our challenge is how do we not take for granted all the amazing things our team does for us?

Making a bigger deal of team member, client and vendor birthday’s, graduations, anniversaries and any and all special occasions as well as congratulating and thanking people who day in and day out make the day of someone.

One of the many things our company needs to improve on is more encouragement and celebration of those things that sometimes get taken for granted.

Being business owners who always want to make things better for our clients and team members, were good at catching people do things wrong : (. Were not trying to be discouraging as in our heart we only want to make things better.

So with that being realized, we really need to excel at catching people doing things right.

And then, we have to make a small or HUGE deal of it.

Our team, vendors, clients and friends are all awesome and do so much for us.

Our challenge is how do we thank and congratulate them for making each other’s day?


3 Responses to “Gung Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Just a simple thank you goes a long way.

  2. so that means I’m getting a car from you for my Graduation?!

    But seriously, I agree. Make a big deal of the small things, and a even bigger deal of the big things! Know what’s going on in other’s lives!!

  3. Just wanted to say Awesome blog. Fun information and Videos.
    Tanya will be in the race for the cure. I will be manning the transportation to and from.

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