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Ruby Rousings: Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey

Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey

85 of us rocked it at Abiding Shepherd Thursday night at our Town hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey.  If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT!! 

It was a super opportunity to reach out to our community and share not only the relevant Town Hall material, but show them what we are about here at ‘the Shepherd’!  Many were hesitant to carry food and drink into the sanctuary.  They were pleased to know we allow that here!!  One couple thought we brought out the rocking chairs just for the event…I said “No, we rock all the time here at Abiding Shepherd.”  J

Dave was on fire as he offered historical facts on the economy, combated all the negativity that is flying around unsubstantiated, and outlined 3 action steps we all need to be doing NOW. 

                   Number One:  GET UP and TAKE ACTION

                   Number Two:  STOP  LISTENING TO LOSER TALK

                   Number THREE:  START GIVING

Hmmm…sounds like a message I heard pastor preach.  Good stuff, now let’s go!

Want more information?  Check out  The webcast was really just the beginning. 

Want to put your hope on caffeine?  Join our Financial Peace University class beginning May 19 at 6:30pm.  It will change your life, promise.  Robin

One Response to “Ruby Rousings: Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey”

  1. Way to spread the word and to organize FPU at Abiding Shepard!!

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